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Reviews from a Celebrity
What a fantastic bag! I can't thank you enough. I hadn't bought a baby bag because I hadn't found one I felt was practical and not too 'babyish' that was also a backpack. I have used the bag for all three of our children and travelled extensively with it. I have bought the Baby Traveller for my friends and family as I love it and sing its praises far and wide. Many thanks.
Lisa McCune
Reviews from our Consumers
gr8x wraps rock! My baby, little Houdini, can't escape from bright, stretchy, easy to wash wraps. My staple baby shower present ... every1 should know how good they are.
Rachel, Skye Victoria

I purchased my Baby Traveller more than a year ago and have been SO happy with it. I’ve been advertising it left, right and centre and 2 of my friends bought theirs on my recommendation. My New Zealand friend was also very happy with the one I bought for her recently. I thought I had all the possible gadgets until I visited your website and saw the new backpacks! Are they available in stores already? Thanks again. I really appreciate it.

Melinda, St Ives, NSW

I was sceptical at first as I didn't want to carry yet another thing around, but the Baby Traveller is just fantastic. It’s easy to use and it holds everything I want to take out – I change him everywhere and it’s really lightweight. Thanks.
Kelly, Brisbane, Qld
Thank you for your friendly assistance over the phone. We intend using the Baby Traveller at home as a regular change station as well as for travelling. What a wonderful Invention. Thanks again and I wish you future success with your Baby Traveller product.
Alicia, Gawler, SA

Thinking of trying a Baby Traveller? LOOK NO FURTHER. I am a proud new mom of a 4 ½ month old little boy. Like most new moms, although well prepared, I was still overwhelmed by the equipment needed for our new arrival. All new companies I had never dealt with before, and TOO MANY choices. I saw the Baby Traveller in a magazine and thought because we are an active couple, a backpack style bag would be perfect! UNREAL! This bag is wonderful! Every mom that sees me in action stops to comment and they don't know half of it! Feel confident in this decision, it is great value for money. I see a lot of moms changing their little ones in prams, and on their backseats – anywhere is cleaner than many of the public change areas. No problem, this is a complete padded change table on your back. The deluxe model has thought of things I haven’t even thought of yet. I’ve used it as a feeding pillow MANY times and it never occurred to me that I would need such a thing???
I also had to contact the company and they were excellent at their customer service. With all my years in retail, I can tell you that this is rare. A quality company with a quality service.A more than satisfied customer,
J. Mundy, NSW
I just love your baby traveller, it is so practical and so stylish too. What a fantastic idea, thank you so much, I would be lost without it. Just a short note to say Zene and I think it’s a great product and never leave home without it.
D. Audino-McConkell, Victoria